Tight Aggressive Texas Holdem Poker - How Aggressive Is Too Aggressive?

By Alex Bannon

Tight aggressive Texas Holdem Poker is definitely a good strategy, but are you getting too aggressive with it? Read this article now to find out.

Playing Tight aggressive Texas Holdem poker is a great way to earn a lot of money at the table. The aggression part of a tight aggressive strategy really shines through to enhance the return of this strategy. But, can you get too aggressive?

Why Aggressive Play Is Good

Aggressive play helps you to win more money faster with your TAG strategy because you win more pots. The simplest reason is because when you bet you have two ways of winning:

1- You win with the best cards
2- Your opponent folds

Without betting out you do not have the benefit of the second method of winning the hand.

How Aggressive Is Too Aggressive

Any reasonable player knows the general bets that are being played at their given table. These bets are often described in relation to the size of the big blind. A normal table will usually play around 3 times the big blind. Aggressive play can be anywhere from 4xbb to 7xbb, but usually just 4 or 5.

Exploding up the aggressive to 10xbb, 15xbb, 20xbb, 30xbb and all-ins is often far too aggressive for your standard play. This is in the realm of super-aggressive, all-in play or bully tactics.

The reason this isn't a good idea for TAG play is because it opens you up far too much. If you take a loss you will not recoup that loss fast enough.

I know you are realizing how helpful this information has been for you and are now aware that you don't want to be too aggressive with your TAG strategy. Before you go on to learn more about TAG I want you to think about how useful this information has been for you and how you are going to use it the next time you play poker, and imagine how you are going to make more money because you read this article.

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