Ladies Fancy Dress Costumes - 70's Style

By Jennifer Ashe

Reminiscing back to the 1970's fashion scene is sure to bombard your senses with everything that is flamboyant and larger than life. Whether you love or loath the sheer abandon of fashion sense during this decade we all still have to concede that whatever else it may have been, the 1970's were never boring.

For ladies who will be planning a party this year be it a send-off for a would be bride, a Valentines night extravaganza for your unattached friends or you maybe you just need an excuse to pretend you are a dancing queen at her most endearing if so you need to consider the following 1970's fashion essentials.

No serious 1970's fashion diva would ever leave her house without being a living tribute to the Charlie's Angel's era. Whether it was long straight tresses or curls styled waves this is the one item you will need to get just right. Thankfully though 1970's style wigs are now readily available at very affordable prices.

The next vital consideration for your ladies 70's fancy dress party is your make up. Forget subtle tones and modesty this party queen boogied the night away under flashing disco balls that illumined her bold eye shadow to perfection. She also painted on masses of eye-liner and would never forget her false eyelashes.

Your party attire could be easy enough to come by these days. The last twenty years have seen many 1970's fashion staples being re-introduced at various times. So before deciding what you need to buy why not search through the depths of your wardrobe and see what you can find.

The last couple of years have seen the re-emergence of an updated version of the hippy fashion staple i.e. the brightly coloured, free flowing shirt which we have now christened the tunic. Team this up with impossible to walk in boots and maybe a spandex skirt and you are ready to boogie the night away.

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