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Best places to visit in Thailand

Thailand is among the most talked-about destinations on the planet — though what people have to say varies dramatically. Some travelers come home claiming to have found themselves on long, white-gold beaches. Others turn up their noses at the Thai islands, claiming they’ve been overrun by backpackers. Still others rave about the diving, mountain scenery, and world-class cuisine — it all depends on where you go. Whether your interests align with nature or culture, early mornings or late nights, Thailand has something for every type of traveler. From dazzling coastal resorts to bustling interior cities to quiet spots up north, these are the top places to visit, or discover, in Thailand.
For a splurge you won’t soon forget: Phuket
Photo: Martin Valigursky/Shutterstock
It’s easy to be thrifty in Thailand, where penny pinchers can get by on $25 a day, and $100 a day gets you a good deal of luxury. But go for broke on the nation’s largest island and you’ve got a shot at actually, well, going b…

Travel Tech Execs Take Shine Off Cloud Computing by Highlighting Hidden Perils

Subbu Allamaraju, vice president of technology at Expedia, spoke on March 26, 2019, at Amadeus's T3CH conference in Madrid. Allamaraju said that cloud computing can lead to hidden waste and expense if one doesn't avoid mistakes.

Skift Take: Executives from Expedia and other travel companies acknowledged at an Amadeus tech conference that cloud computing can lead to hidden waste. Mistakes include not monitoring costs and allowing internal strife to delay cross-department projects. — Sean O'Neill Read the Complete Story On Skift

Understanding Tripadvisor’s Path to Recovery: New Skift Research

Skift Take: Tripadvisor had been working on a turnaround even before Covid-19 hit. We take a deep dive into the company's financials, business strategies, and challenges for 2020 and beyond. — Seth Borko Read the Complete Story On Skift

Skift Global Forum Video: Reimagining Global Payments to Strengthen Travel’s Recovery

Skift Take: In this breakout session recording from Skift Global Forum executives at Ingenico ePayments who discuss the evolution of Global Payments in the Covid-19 era and what the future holds. — Ingenico ePayments Read the Complete Story On Skift

Best things to do and see in Xi’an

Visitors from China and around the world pass through the ancient city of Xi’an on their way to the Terracotta Army in the nearby Lintong District. While the Terracotta Army is indeed a marvel, many visitors don’t realize the bustling, modern city of 13 million has a lot to offer. With thousands of years of fascinating history and an energetic, contemporary vibe, Xi’an is worth spending a few days exploring before you check out the famous clay warriors.
Xi’an was once the most important city in China, making a visit there pretty much essential. Xi’an has been the capital to at least 13 different Chinese empires and kingdoms. Its history dates back to prehistoric times, much further back than the current capital Beijing. From being the capital of ancient feudal cities to the first capital of a united China in 221 BC, then to numerous dynasties and kingdoms, and now a thriving modern city, Xi’an’s history runs deep. Notably, Chang’an (Xi’an) was the capital during the powerful Tang dyna…

Latina travel influencers

The Hispanic and Latinx population makes up the largest minority group in the US. With a reported spending of $56 billion per year on leisure travel by the demographic worldwide, you would not be wrong to question why there is not a larger representation of Latinx travelers in the industry and travel narrative at large. The lack of relatable marketing is striking — but in the social realm, Latinx travel bloggers and influencers are crushing it. From money-saving ideas to tips on solo female travel, these Latina travel influencers showcase inspire us all not only to up our social media game but also travel bravely and be ourselves.
1. Luz Carreiro, @bee.traveler

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Mexican travel and fashion blogger Luz Carreiro is passionate about her heritage and culture. Her feed is packed with both international travels and stories from her home, Baja California. Carreiro is not only creative with h…