Seniors Market – transcript and video recording

Seniors Market – transcript and video recording

Seniors Market Spotlight Session

On April 5 2019, Liz was joined by Bronwyn White, CEO of New Young Consulting, in a live session offering insight into the 50+ travel market. She discussed the needs, values & attitudes of senior travellers and how to develop a marketing strategy to bring them to your tourism business.

Topics covered during this session were:

  • A Why you should incorporate seniors into your marketing strategy

  • Current and emerging trends and values of seniors

  • Myth-busting and over-50s marketing tropes to avoid!

  • Customising your product for seniors

A big thank you to our guest

Bronwyn White

New Young Consulting

Bronwyn White

CEO and founder of New Young Consulting

Suite 105/1 Erskineville Road

Newtown NSW 2042


+61 (0)408 225 766

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