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The Top 10 Skift Research Reports in 2019

The Top 10 Skift Research Reports in 2019

Skift Take: Heading into 2020, we handpicked 10 reports we published in 2019 that touch upon the most important topics and trends in travel. These themes should be top of mind moving forward. — Haixia Wang Read the Complete Story On Skift

Prince William announces Earthshot

Prince William announces Earthshot Prince William is using his royal voice to address the threats facing our planet. In a video shared on social media and narrated by Sir David Attenborough, Prince William announced that he will award five prizes each year between 2020 and 2030 to “individuals, teams, or collaborations — scientists, activists, economists, leaders, governments, banks, businesses, cities, and countries — anyone who is making a substantial development or outstanding contribution to solving our environmental challenges.”
The Earthshot Prize, announced on December 31, aims to reward 50 solutions to environmental issues such as “climate and energy, nature and biodiversity, oceans, air pollution and freshwater” that Prince William has dubbed the “world’s greatest problems.” In 2020, the first set of specific challenges will be announced to mark the official kick-off to the contest.

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Australia fires forces move to beach

Australia fires forces move to beach The devastating Australian brushfires that have been raging for many weeks did not even take a day of rest to ring in the new year. There are currently 100 fires burning in the state of New South Wales and a dozen in Victoria.
In Mallacoota, a beach town in southeastern Australia, people were forced to evacuate their homes and take refuge on the beach, as blazes swept in and triggered an alarm bell at 8:00 AM on Tuesday. “It should have been daylight but it was black like midnight and we could hear the fire roaring,” said local resident David Jeffrey to the BBC. “We were all terrified for our lives.” Some people hopped in boats and waited on the water.
In Batemans Bay, a little further north in NSW, similar scenes played out, with people sitting on the beach next to life rafts while their towns were burning down. They were ready to take to the waters if conditions worsened.

Batemans Bay residents are now evacuating to the beach, these are the scene…

Best beaches in Egypt besides Sharm

Best beaches in Egypt besides Sharm The preferred destination of partygoers and spa enthusiasts, Sharm el-Sheikh near the tip of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula is a beachy paradise filled with high-end resorts, bars, and restaurants. It certainly has its charms. However, if your goal is to appreciate the natural beauty of Egypt’s coasts in places that range from slightly to far off the beaten sand path, there are some very worthy alternatives, all of which are accessible from major cities by car.
Swim season never ends in Egypt, thanks to its warm climate. That being said, the water temperature on Egypt’s Mediterranean can be cool (in the low 60s Fahrenheit) in mid-winter. It’s best to avoid going during Ramadan as some businesses and restaurants have limited daytime hours, although the beaches are decidedly less crowded. Springtime is ideal for a visit — just note that Ramadan starts in April this year.
Hurghada and the Giftun Islands: Sharm, but for locals
Photo: Obraz/Shutterstock

Best things to do in rural Romania

Best things to do in rural Romania 2020 travel trends show a return to the simplicity of our world, with an emphasis on sustainability, locally grown and made items, and origins. Well beyond Transylvania, Romania has outposts where traditionalism and traditions are flourishing. The Romanian spirit and the impact of other nations onto the country bordering the Carpathians, the Danube, and the Black Sea led to something that has been lost in many parts of our world: a genuine encounter. Each of these three regions in the country is unique in its history and offerings, but all are worth a visit.
Take in Romania’s deep history in the western border counties.
Photo: Mita Stock Images/Shutterstock
In the far west of Romania, the counties of Mehedinţi and Caraş-Severin border Oltenia and Banat, two of the country’s most historically significant regions. The Danube is the main source of waterlust here, winding through on its path from Germany to the Black Sea. The river and surrounding bodies …

Skift Webinar: Understanding Today’s Traveler — Closing the Industry’s Gap in Customer Knowledge

Skift Webinar: Understanding Today’s Traveler — Closing the Industry’s Gap in Customer Knowledge

Skift Take: It’s never been more critical for brands in the travel industry to understand their customers’ online habits. But getting a clear picture of these habits is difficult. In this webinar, Skift is joined by experts from Epsilon to discuss the growing potential of identity resolution to help solve this dilemma. — Read the Complete Story On Skift

Amadeus Highlights Meager 1 Percent Air Traffic Growth in 2020 Outside China

Amadeus Highlights Meager 1 Percent Air Traffic Growth in 2020 Outside China Amadeus, the global provider of technology solutions for the travel industry, has its research and development center in near Nice, France at Sophia Antipolis. Amadeus is a bellwether for global air travel because it's the sector's largest technology provider. Cornavirus drove steep booking declines in February 2020. Amadeus

Skift Take: Amadeus, the world's largest provider of ticket distribution and operational software for airlines, is a bellwether for the sector. It had a weak February, but it expects a rebound later this year. The outlook for airlines, however, is less optimistic. — Sean O'Neill Read the Complete Story On Skift

Souqs in Middle East, North Africa

Souqs in Middle East, North Africa If it were possible to distill the essence of the Middle East and North Africa into a single experience, it would be a jaunt through the spice-ladened air of a busy souq. Souqs, collections of adjacent vendors often sprawled out over a plaza or multiple semi-enclosed streets, have served as the economic hubs of Middle Eastern metropolises since their first appearance, which some researchers contend was as early as 2,000 BC.
Despite the vast distances and imposing geographies separating them, the major cities in North Africa, the Levant, and the Gulf have historically been connected by an extensive web of trade routes, such as the King’s Highway and the Silk Road. Merchants used this infrastructure to transport incense, spices, fruits, nuts, gold, glassware, jewelry, cloth, dyes, timber, perfumes, and more from city to city.
These same traders required spaces where they could display and sell their products, and it was out of this need that the sou…

The best things to see in Detroit

The best things to see in Detroit The best possible way to learn, understand, and appreciate a new city is to dig into its history. And few cities in the United States have the historical chops of Detroit, which has been a major part of more US cultural movements than nearly any other city. Forget the things you thought you knew about Michigan’s largest city and go make new discoveries, partake in exciting historical moments, and explore beyond the guide books. This itinerary starts with destruction and finishes with an eye toward the future of one of the US’ greatest cities.
The abandoned Packard Auto Plant tells a story of Detroit’s reign as automotive capital.
Photo: Belikova Oksana/Shutterstock
The excitement was palpable in 1903 when the Packard Automotive Plant first opened its doors on East Grand Boulevard. Forty thousand workers streamed into the 3,500,000-square-foot plant to build the fiercely popular Packard vehicles and later, the Packard V-1650 Merlin engine which powere…

Where to celebrate Holi

Where to celebrate Holi Many of us know the Holi festival as that event where you gather in huge crowds to throw powdered dye at each other, but it’s much more than that. Holi or Spring Festival is an important Hindu festival that marks the arrival of spring, and is celebrated all over the world. The festival’s roots lie in one Hindu legend that features the demon king Hiranyakashyap, who believed he was superior to all the gods. His son, Prahlad, rebelled and worshiped the god Vishnu, so Hiranyakashyap conspired to burn his son alive with the help of his sister Holika, supposedly immune to the flames. Prahlad was saved by Vishnu, while Holika burned to death. Holi, whose name comes from Holika, commemorates this legend by celebrating the triumph of good over evil. Although Holi originated in India, the festival has exploded in popularity and spread throughout the world. If you can’t make it to India for this colorful festival on March 9 and 10, here are some of the best places to c…